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CGB students have ranged in age from 18 to 57, and they enroll for a million different reasons...
here are the most popular. Which one sounds like you?
"I'm 24. I did not finish college. I'm not happy in my current job." This was Clay's story when he took a recent class. He is now the morning sports producer for FOX 31 television south of Atlanta. And the best part: the station called the school asking for candidates!
"I'm 37. I'm good with people but am a little nervous about software and new technology." This was Tim's story when he took the most recent sports class. He is now the afternoon radio host for 99.9 ESPN outside Atlanta and is also in charge of client relations for his show. He was employed before he even graduated.
"I'm 30, female and don't mind moving for my first job."
This was Cam's story when she took the February 2010 class. She is now morning show producer and fill-in host for 99.1 The Sports Animal in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her CGB demo tape got her the job.
"I'm 23 with a college degree but not in journalism and not from a well-known university." This was Lindsay's story. She took the February CGB class and is now the TV sports anchor for WRWR-TV. Want to be a TV sports anchor? This company recruits exclusively from CGB grads.
"I'm over 40 and I just want to be involved in broadcasting. It doesn't have to be in front of the camera or microphone." This was Deborah's story. She is now an associate producer for an Atlanta television station. She went from being laid off to a secure career in Atlanta television broadcasting.
"I'm 34, I'm in a solid career and make too much money to start over again, but I don't feel professionally fulfilled and need something
more in my life." This was Andrew's story. He took the October 2009 class and now broadcasts football games for 10 different metro Atlanta high schools. He makes money both from the schools and from advertisers and has complete control over his broadcasting company. He really does have the best of both worlds.