How to Apply

At this point, you must certainly have lots of questions about the program and how to get started.

Please call 404 929 0522 and speak with me, the director, Jeff Batten. I'll answer every question I can, but I can tell you that almost every question you have will be answered once you tour the facility.

The tour is relaxed and I have a quick, painless demo - either on-camera or behind the camera - for you to do. Your proficiency at the demo has almost no bearing on your being accepted, but I think you'll walk out energized at what you'd be learning and what you can achieve.

(For me, learning the basics of videotape editing in 1989 was a life-changing experience. I couldn't believe how much sense it made and how exhilarating the process could be!)

From there, we'll talk informally about what you want to achieve. Maybe you won't know exactly, but we can at least talk it through. We'll talk about payment options.

ARE YOU A VETERAN and want to use GI BILL ?
Please call 404 929 0522

If your parents, for example, are helping with payment, please feel free to bring them along.

I see Complete Game Broadcasting as a real option for:

  • men/women with college degrees and are in entry-level positions that aren't the right fit. (Exactly what I was going through in 1989!)
  • men/women older than 30 who are settled but would like to gradually work their way into sports broadcasting.
  • men/women who did not go to college. (Sports broadcasting is one of the rare industries that accommodates people in this category. Bob Costas never got his college degree!)

Finally, I do ask that you be at least 16 and have at least a high school diploma, GED or High School Certificate of Completion to apply.

Classes begin soon… you can always take a private tour today!!


Jeff Batten
404 929 0522
email Jeff